Monday, 10 August 2009

Welcome to Malcolm Lowry's Library

I have set this blog up to sit alongside my main Malcolm Lowry blog in order to allow readers a chance to take a dip into Malc's library.

Malcolm Lowry's Library is based on the list of books held in boxes 53-56 of the Malcolm Lowry Collection at the University Of British Columbia (UBC).

The monographs and periodicals in Malcolm Lowry's Library have been divided into 2 groups by the UBC: the first contains items marked "Lowry", items dedicated to the Lowrys and gift volumes from Malcolm to Margerie and from Margerie to Malcolm; the second contains miscellaneous works of interest to Lowry.

I will gradually work my way through the Library detailing something about the author of each book, providing a brief synopsis of each book and posting any relevant images. Hopefully, it will give some insight into what the importance of each book may have been for Malc.

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  1. This is a wonderful project for a blog, and a grand undertaking. Good luck in the labyrinth. Borges would be proud.....